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The german crisis dictate against hellas is a dark era of authoritarian crisis management in an eroding europe

What is the difference between the mafia and the present european leadership?? The mafia makes you an offer you can’t refuse. The leaders of the european union are making you an offer that you can neither refuse nor accept without destroying yourself in the process.

It was the irish times that most aptly characterized the sadistic logic of the german diktat to which greece’s leftist government submitted during the infamous brussels crisis summit in the morning hours of 13. July had to bow. The socio-economic destruction and humiliation of greece was the real goal pursued by merkel and schauble.

If syriza actually tries to implement the extremist austerity program with which berlin turned hellas into a kind of economic protectorate, the greek economy will crash even further, with no prospect of recovery.

This would also have been achieved by a grexit – obviously favored by schauble – in which hellas would have sunk to the status of a third world country with the help of the german government. Berlin cannot allow anything other than a catastrophic exit of greece from the eurozone, otherwise other crisis-ridden eurozone countries would be tempted to follow a similar path.

The german "bolldozer" and a new eu

The outcry over berlin’s brutal approach, which risked an open break with france, was therefore felt by the public in pretty much all western countries "partner" the federal republic. The washington post, for instance, warned against the return of the "cruel germans", in which political capital accumulated by berlin over decades was squandered within a very short period of time. In the report, the u.S. Capital gazette quoted france’s figaro, which summarized berlin’s dictate as follows:

Conditions have been imposed on a small member state, which in the past could only be enforced by force of arms.

The british guardian noted that the berlin diktat was "cruel for the sake of cruelty." both the u.S. News site bloomberg and the u.K.’s the telegraph published editorials calling for the frg to exit the eurozone.

The conservative magazine forbes warned that german austerity towards hellas was in effect a reason for war. The telegraph described greece as a "occupied land", in which basic democratic rules of the game are being undermined.

The well-known u.S. News site foreign policy compared the german government to a bulldozer conquering athens and the "values such as democracy and national sovereignty trampled on" had to make a "vassal state" to establish. He said it was only a matter of time before germany had more victims in the "monstrous, undemocratic" debt tower that europe has degenerated into:

Which country will be next?

Die zeit summarized the scathing criticism from france of the german va-banque game in brussels. Germany was described by the co-founder of the left-liberal media portal mediapart, francois bonnet, as a "new problem" europe’s designation that, through "a brutal and doctrinaire" power development "the european culture of compromise to the wind". According to bonnet, berlin is interested in nothing other than the establishment of a new, authoritarian europe under german leadership:

With the greek example it becomes clear that germany is fighting the project of an open, pluralistic, solidary, but not uniform europe, which up to now has given the member states wide political leeway, without which democracy is not possible. (…) this will permanently change the european project in the coming years.

The left-liberal historian emmanuel todd, on the other hand, drew parallels to berlin’s last two attempts to establish hegemony in europe:

Europe is a continent that in the 20. Century commits suicide in cyclical regularity under german leadership. First in the first world war, then in the second world war (…). We are undoubtedly about to witness a third self-destruction of europe, and again under german leadership.

The irish times concluded in the article mentioned at the beginning of this article that the "torment of greece" through germany to send a message: one is now in "a new eu", that of a "dominant power" and a single "accepted ideology" dominated. The germans no longer even behave as first among equals: "germany is the first in a europe of inequality."

A similar assessment of the german motivation for the sadistic special treatment of greece was given to the washington post by the german economics professor christian rieck. The "tough stance" berlin will be useful to berlin in the long run, as it proves that germany has the ability to make it "to the end".

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