Vw works council: more promotion, but none “lawnmonger method”

VW works council: more promotion, but none'rasenmahermethode''rasenmahermethode'

Vw works council bernd osterloh wants to take sharp cost destinations under the prere of corona crisis, transition and rising competition by tesla only if the executive board also concerns further internal streamlining of the group. "With such a wild growth, our coarse and scaling will not use much anymore", he said the german press agency with a view to the size of the battery cell variants used for electric cars. Here volkswagen currently has about two dozen more exports than the us competitor. "It’s all about the result, namely maximum ranges with optimal consumption and good battery life", osterloh said.

Less variety in the equipment

That "layout of the individual, in the vehicle cells" musse strongly unified, "to fully play our clout as a group", said the supreme workforce representative, who also sits in the vw supervisory board. "Special ways and extra sadsten of the brands must have been analyzed by the past." the wolfsburg car manufacturer is already looking for a long time after further savings potential – the works council requires from top management but also to take a reduction in the variety of equipment as well as better coordinated processes instead of personnel multiplications.

"More efficiency is always good", osterloh said to the young-made productivity targets of ceo herbert this. "The question is only: how do i get there?" the supervisory board had given them in principle of jerking for the project before christmas, within the next three years the fixed costs to reduce further funf percent – the exact plan should be developed in the first quarter now. As a stage victory of the works council, the commitment of the management was already considered to implement potential new savings only within the scope of existing programs.

A straw fire for the borsenwelt

From the point of view of osterloh, vw can mobilize reserves from a closer agreement of development, procurement and production: "it uses a little when developing a big car that can only refigestion the production later. The model must be planned so that the upholstery works afterwards fully." in the coming years, vw bumps billions in e-mobilitat and networking.

Only more pace or "personnel rays after the lawnmonger method" he rejects: "there is on, if you do not want to have further wife and a straw fire for the borsen world." in 2020, because of the high prere and technical problems in golf production, there have been declined between works council and board. This was most recently explained the far better financing opportunities of us corporations such as tesla or apple at the capital market that vw should also be more strong on costs and efficiency for this reason. The company must be "significantly improve to be competitive in the future and get a better ranking".

Connect the board of management to environmental goals and social guide

In the calculation of the vw board holders, the aim of the economic success will soon also be aims of the environment, social and good guidance – which has ever been introduced, but had recovered again in the meantime. The next annual general meeting should now decide. "That surprises and gets me a bit", osterloh said. "We had the existing easy refined and improved something, we had everything we need."

Meanwhile, even financial market regions such as larry fink – chief of the world-growing wealth manager recognized blackrock – that such topics are important to measure management successes: "as corporations around the environment, their workforce and the regions at their locations, all this is a tough competitive factor and central importance for customers of the clientele."

Supplier important, "but you have to move yourself"

The persistently difficult pandemic situation, which is currently too closing with important supply parts such as semiconductors, is also difficult for volkswagen life, rather osterloh. "We do not know exactly how corona evolves." it should be appreciated that other key supplies were affected by personnel and work failures. According to reports, vw internally calculates internally with a lane minimum production due to missing components.

For electric models, the suppliers are very much in demand, warned osterloh. "If we want to build e-cars, we need everything that is available. Lacks an important part like the battery in sufficient quantities, does not run." complaints about that autoconzes increasingly produce components themselves, he will not understand. "Of course, the suppliers continue to be an important economic factor of the german auto industry – but move must already have themselves." the battery cell business is profitable, but one need timely inputs. "I believe that the german suppliers are giving away real opportunities."

Software resort – "nothing has happened for a long time"

The works council has high expectations to the new software resort in the consolidated officers. "Nothing has happened for a long time", he said. "In 2017, i had said again that we need someone to the highest place. Someone who creatively thinks about it: how does it have to look like in a rough company in five years? We need more coordination." a top state of the topic is important. "Last but not least, it’s about our attractiveness as an employer." osterloh spoke to himself to occupy the leadership of the area with a manager.

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