“Vw has cheated the nation!”

Stuttgart, 13. October 2015 – on thursday, the 8. October 2015, the first official appeal to vws exhaust gas fraud took place in the usa. We have briefly summarized the event and want to transcribe interesting questions and statements in a long form in a long form. You will find the entire recording of the hearing on the website of c-span (cable-satellite public affairs network), which is a nonprofit transmitter operated by us cable television providers radiating exclusive political content. The format of these hearings is relatively open: each member of the committee, which berat here, may freely ask or speak in a fixed time. So it is also allowed to create rants without asking questions, which happened in this case. Auber michael horn, ceo of volkswagen usa, i will not call any names in this text, but only to regret assignments where appropriate (for example: epa). This for the reason that american politicians mean little with us. You will find all these names at c-span auber in full recording also in the linked jump marks with name and state. Please keep in mind that this hearing is almost exclusively procured with the us affare’s us point of view. Let’s start with the:


In the us, there are more red culture in the political discourse, more rhetoric, and correspondingly clear passages already contained the openness speeches. But it’s not all about rhetoric, the politicians are likely to be betrayed by volkswagen, because many of them have recommended volkswagen cars due to their environmentally friendliness and economy or even bought themselves. Therefore such premieges:

"Volkswagen has cheated the nation!"

"We are here because volkswagen has lied."

"That was a fundamental violation of public confidence."

"We had the three worldwide large automakers before this committee. Gms zundschlosssssscandal. Toyotas unwanted accelerations. And now volkswagen. There seems to give a through culture of exchanging in the auto industry and that must now stop."

A politician pays up what they expect everything from volkswagen at this appeal to be raised (they retain in every point right) and clearly clear from the outset: "i do not buy that. The word of this company is not worth a penny."

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