Unused mozilla, probably not the rust development

Unused Mozilla, probably not the rust development

The renewed unansheaven at mozilla corporation probably have no impact on the development of the programming language rust. This is how the developers in their twitter channel are that the rust project is not in existential threat. In the coming weeks, you want to be more detailed in your blog.

Concentration "on products" and "economics"

The environment to the unused last week had speculation that the teams for threat management, mixed reality, the documentation and rust were massively affected by the units. The company had not uplemed for details of the maws.

Mozilla had already announced in january to be released around 70 employees. The company plagues falling revenue that comes to a substantial part from tolerated search engines that are preset in the browser. The mozilla corporation is dependent on the advertising market as well as the market share in browsers – and above all by google, its most powerful competitor on the browser market.

Also at the beginning of the year had nicholas d. Matsakis, member of the core developer team, the idea of a separate foundation for the language thrown into the room. Thus, the chance has been seen to make rust’s independence of mozilla clearer and invite other companies to a coarse investment.

What is rust?

Rust is one of the still young programming languages, which a promising future is certified everywhere. The language created at mozilla is no longer used only in the browser expert, microsoft had most recently known as a user of rust. The first reference project but the browser rendering engine servo, which had been developed by mozilla completely developed with rust and has meanwhile landed in the firefox browser, as well as several more components written in rust.

Despite syntactic similarities with c or c ++, there are semantic differences. Rust also uses functional approaches and possesses google’s go from home from concepts for secondary programming. In addition, the programming language should provide more security than, for example, c ++ by avoiding programming errors that drove to vulnerabilities through memory access errors and buffer windows through a separate type system.

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