Umweltbundesamt: diesel should lose tax advantage

If it goes to the federal environmental agency, driver of cars with diesel engine must have to pay for refueling more. In the fight for a better air, the federal environmental agency diesel driver wants to ask for the cash register. Attachment maria krautzberger brought again in the debate for the future of drive technology again an abolition of the diesel privilege at the tax. This "must be on the prud," krautzberger said at the weekend of the rheinische post. "Dieseler pay per liter of fuel 18.4 cents less than for gasoline. The state costs this subsidy now 7.8 billion euros per year, good three and a half billions of which car use."

Even with deduction of high car taxes for diesel cars, the approximately one and a half billion euros are from the state for self-cords per year. "For comparison, the demand for electromobility amounts to just a billion, but by 2020," said krautzberger of the newspaper. The federal environmental agency repeatedly demanded a degradation of all "environmental subsidies", including lower diesel taxation. One of the consequences of subsidies is the air pollution by diesel vehicles in the inner states.

Chancellor angela merkel and spd boss martin schulz attacked the websites. "Wide parts of the automotive industry have played incredible trust," said the cdu politician. It is now more commitment to future technologies. "The question of whether the german automotive industry has recognized these signs of time will decide on your future. And thus hundreds of thousands of workplaces."Schulz said in the summer interview of the zdf broadcast berlin directly, the problem is that "millow managers at vw, at daimler, the future have lost the future". He was added: "because of the short-term effect in their balance sheets they have not invested in the areas where we had to invest."

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