Space telescope hubble with backup hardware back into operation

Space telescope Hubble with backup hardware back into operation

The space telescope hubble can now resume his work after a multi-week time out of a defect. The nasa has succeeded in operating all scientific instruments on board again. This was possible by activating backup hardware. This allows the telescope to resume its observation of space.

Search for the source of error

At 13th. June had set his tunnel’s payload computer, since then the nasa was looking for the cause and after a way out. The main computer had received no sign of life from the payload computer – steady for the coordination of scientific instruments – and then the instruments in the security mode. A computer restart could not fix the problem.

After several attempts to identify the problem and restart systems, first a faulty memory module came into view. Finally, however, it turned out that the cause for the switching off of the payload computer in the power supply unit was (power control unit, pcu). Because the pcu does not love the pcu from the control center on the earth, the nasa-stitched simply switched up to backup hardware, describes the organization. Such a change had already given 2008.

Recharge missed observations

First of all, the instruments have to be calibrated, then hubble can do scientific tasks again. Thus, the nasa wants to start on saturday afternoon. The most missed observations of the universe from the time of the failure wants to catch up with the nasa now.

At the space workers, the enthusiasm continues through the telescope active since 31 years and its apparently not yet outgoing service end: together with the pleasing news that hubble can continue his activity, the nasa published a picture on her instagram channel, the hubble already received from a ball star heap before, 35.000 light years removed from earth.

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