Solid choice: mazda 3 with new 1.6-liter diesel

Solid choice: mazda 3 with new 1.6-liter diesel

Cannes (france), 4. March 2011 – the mazda 3 is the brand’s most successful model and has made many friends. They appreciate the successful mixture of reliability and slightly sporty orientation, whereby the relationship with the ford focus is no harm. More than two million vehicles have been sold since the mazda 3 was launched in 2003, and the current generation has been available since 2009. Now the entry-level diesel has been thoroughly revised.

More power and torque

The four-cylinder with 1.6 liter displacement, common rail direct injection and turbocharging now develops 115 hp instead of 109. In addition, the engine, which comes from a ford-psa cooperation, now complies with the euro 5 emissions standard and has been optimized in terms of consumption. There is still a start-stop system for the mazda 3 but only for the two-liter gasoline direct injection. The compact five-door turns out to be 1.6 mz-cd solid and adequately motorized. The car needs a smooth 11.0 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, which is an acceptable value. The comparatively high maximum torque of 270 nm (previously 240 nm) is still available at 1750 rpm, but is now available over a wider speed range up to 2700 rpm.

Consumption of only 4.4 liters

The diesel engine has undergone a number of changes, one of which was particularly surprising: instead of two, the engine has only one overhead camshaft, and instead of four only two valves per cylinder. According to mazda, this benefits less internal friction and saves four kilograms in weight. In addition, a new turbocharger with variable blade geometry is installed, which ensures a more harmonious torque curve. In addition, the common rail injection now works with new piezo injectors, including a special "cultivated" combustion enabled.

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