Smartphone market: huatofe problem is oppos chance

Smartphone market: HuatoFe problem is Oppos Chance

It comes back movement in the smartphone market. The chinese manufacturers on the back burst are committed to distributing the heritage of huawei. On the market management of samsung and apple you will not be able to ride for the time being. But the market researcher believes that it becomes increasingly narrower there. And from china, there are first signs that after the delle of last year, demand rises again.

In the course of the year, huawei will have to have its ancestral place in the statistics of the market researchers. This is just part of part of part with the problems, causing the pandemic and us sanctions. Huawei has outsourced a significant part of its smartphone production: the daughter brand honor operates now. Clear, huawei konnne also sell the rest of his smartphone attempt, the company has previously denied.

Honor is missing

So far, honor smartphones have been paid at the parent company. So huawei now lacks about 25 to 30 percent of the paragraph. In the rankings of the market researchers both fall from the top group. Fallout of the statistics will be lg, which is finished in the final of the smartphone segment. Chinese manufacturers xiaomi, oppo and vivo are ready to compete this heritage. Market researchers are currently aming that xiaomi can calculate the best chances of a stable podium place next to samsung and apple.

In the final quarter of last year, xiaomi was already the third-grown manufacturer worldwide. According to the market researchers of strategy analytics, xiaomi has defended this place in the first quarter of 2021 and is just just behind apple. Also oppo and vivo have grown significantly in recent months and now come to double-digit market shares.

Smartphone market worldwide, 1. Quarter 2021 (strategy analytics)
paragraph q1 / 2021 market share paragraph q1 / 2020 +/-
samsung 77 million. 23% 58 million. +32%
apple 57 million. 17% 39 million. +44%
xiaomi 49 million. 15% 28 million. +80%
oppo 38 million. 11% 23 million. +68%
vivo 37 million. 11% 20 million. +85%
other 82 million. 24% 107 million. -23%
total 340 million. 275 million. +24%
(strategy analytics / april 2021)

The growth is also powered by the domestic market of china, which had shrunk by a five-hand last year and now developed evidence of dynamics. According to the state china academy of information and communications technology, the chinese manufacturers have twice as many devices in the first quarter of the year as in the same period of the previous year.

From january to marz, the manufacturers have brought almost 98 million smartphones to the chinese market, of which almost 70 million 5g devices. Every second smartphone newly presented in china can now 5g. Also in the other regions 5g is considered a hopeful carrier, experts expect a significant market revival by the new mobile standard.

Heir competition

With market shares of up to 46 percent, huawei in china has so far the number one. Here, too, the separation of honor is reflected in the statistics. In january, according to counterpoint research, oppo had taken the market fuser for the first time and delivers a duel to the top with vivo – both manufacturers have emerged from the bbk group. According to the youngest, at the last, vivo with 24 percent market share had the nose. Huawei comes without honor still at 15 percent market share.

The strong competition in china also sends signals to the world market. Manufacturers such as oppo, vivo or realme increasingly take western market views and build local marketing and sales structures. Because apart from the separation of honor shrinks huheweis sales due to the us sanctions and the chip crisis, which is now impacted on the smartphone sector, also real. In 2020, although huawei had sung on the market tip for a short time, then massively collapsed in the second year.

Xiaomi strong in germany

Also in germany: "huawei has significantly lost market share in germany as well as in the rest of europe", says gartner analystin annette zimmermann. To compare these market shares now also manufacturers who have been to have previously in asia. Xiaomi is already a well-established brand. "Xiaomi has more than doubled its sales figures in 2020 in 2019", says zimmermann.

Oppo, vivo and realme are newbies in the german market. "Oppos numbers are still very low for germany, but have developed well in the fourth quarter, suggesting a further increase in 2021", says zimmermann. "All in all, one can already say that the winners here are xiaomi and oppo and huatweiweit situation certainly offers opportunities for new manufacturers". Vivo and realme are still at the beginning in the german market.

Smartphone market: HuatoFe problem is Oppos Chance

Market shares of chip manufacturers at the chinese smartphone market.

The us sanctions, but above all the chip crisis, also ensure shifts in the main components of the smartphones. From the delivery difficulties with qualcomm benefited the taiwan chip manufacturer mediatek, which could significantly expand its market share last year. In china, where huaewei’s chipschmiede hisilicon is hampered by the us sanctions, mediatek has increased its market share in smartphones, according to idc in less than a year to 40 percent.

So far, mediatek has improved in favor of entry-level and mid-range smartphones, most recently, but also in the upper class. The top socs of the dimensity family are stuck in the new honor view 40 and new smartphones of oppo, xiaomi or realme.

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