Ryzen 5000u – h: amd starts notebook processors with zen 3

Ryzen 5000U-H: AMD starts notebook processors with Zen 3

The sparrows whistled it already from the roofs, now it is official: amd-boss lisa su has presented the ryzen 5000 processors on their this-year ces keynote – exactly one year after the start of the ryzen-4000 generation on the ces 2020. At that time, 7-nanometer manufacturing and eight zen-2 cores have amd in fiddle-labeling. With ryzen 5000 now the change takes place on zen 3 and associated significantly grown cache-gross.

This combination has taken care of the already available ryzen 5000 processors for desktop pcs for another performance boost. Such a such is also to be expected for notebooks, although independent benchmark results still stand out.


However, amd begins in cpu portfolio confusion. In the ryzen 5000u processors for flat notebooks (15-watt class) comes the zen-3 architecture ("cezanne"not in all models, but only for those whose model number has a second digit: the ryzen 7 5800u is an eight-core, the ryzen 5 5600u a hexagonal, both with zen-3 architecture. In the ryzen 7 5700u, ryzen 5 5500u and ryzen 3 5300u, however, are eight, six or four cores of the previous zen-2 architecture ("lucienne"to).

Amd ryzen 5000 for notebooks
model kernels / threads (core) tdp basic clock max. Turbo turbo l3 cache
ryzen 9 5980hx 8/16 (zen 3) 45 w+ 3.3 ghz 4.8 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 9 5900hx 8/16 (zen 3) 45 w+ 3.3 ghz 4.6 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 7 5800h 8/16 (zen 3) 45 w 3.2 ghz 4.4 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 5 5600h 6/12 (zen 3) 45 w 3.3 ghz 4.2 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 9 5980hs 8/16 (zen 3) 35w 3.0 ghz 4.8 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 9 5900hs 8/16 (zen 3) 35w 3.0 ghz 4.6 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 7 5800hs 8/16 (zen 3) 35 w 2.8 ghz 4.4 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 5 5600hs 6/12 (zen 3) 35w 3.0 ghz 4.2 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 7 5800u 8/16 (zen 3) 15w 1.9 ghz 4.4 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 7 5700u 8/16 (zen 2) 15 w 1.8 ghz 4.3 ghz 8 mb
ryzen 5 5600u 6/12 (zen 3) 15 w 2.3 ghz 4.2 ghz 16 mbyte
ryzen 5 5500u 6/12 (zen 2) 15w 2.1 ghz 4.0 ghz 8 mb
ryzen 3 5300u 4/8 (zen 2) 15 w 2.6 ghz 3.8 ghz 8 mb

This is reminiscent of amd’s strange compilation of the ryzen 4000u portfolio in which there were models with and without simultaneous multithreading (smt). Juckblende: notebooks with smt-loose ryzens anno 2020 were much more frowers than those with smt. This leafed that it will run this time and the first ryzen-5000 notebooks will appear with zen-2 inner life – and the performance will not be significant from ryzen-4000 notebooks. After all, smt is no longer a distinctive factor and active in all 5000er models.

Like so far, the notebook processors have an integrated graphics unit, but more detailed information is not available so far. Close to her apart from clock frequencies, little against ryzen 4000 ("renoir") changed.

Gaming growth

In the powerful ryzen 5000h models (45-watt class) there is no difference in the core architecture: there you will find through zen 3 (and also smt). Given the focus on potent notebooks there are no quad cores, but always at least six cores (ryzen 5).

As it has been, amd also offers models with the hs derivatives specified with 35 watt tdp and intended for compact 13- to 15 inches. The success of this residence class – especially from the pre-sender asus rog zephyrus g14 – should therefore be updated. Picture: even intel takes precisely this concept with tiger lake-h35, but offers only quad-cores. On the other hand, amd ride across all tdp classes up to eight cpu cores.

Ryzen 5000U-H: AMD starts notebook processors with Zen 3

With the ryzen 5000 processors amd also wants to be at the top with the single-threading performance.

With ryzen 5000, a further cpu derivative at the upper end is added: the two eight-core ryzen 9 5900hx and 5980hx are the counterpasts to intel’s hk models and come like this without multiplier barrier. This allows particularly powerful notebooks with ex works overclocked processors. Compared to the ryzen 7 5800h, the clock frequencies are larger.

Gaming breakthrough

Generally, a change in gaming notebooks indicates. Despite the performance of the ryzen 4000 processors and intel’s roadmap conversions as well as releases because of the messaging 10 nanometer production, anno 2020 has no high-end gaming notebooks with amd processors because the development of notebooks has a long lead needs.

This year, this will look very different: the notebook manufacturers have changed their development in favor of amd. Amd gaming notebooks will therefore not only be with mid-range, but also with high-end gpus. Nvidia’s launch of the mobile geforce rtx 3000 graphics chips was even allowed to go to the coarse part in ryzen-5000h notebooks – intel’s eight-core counter-piece tiger lake-h45 will probably appear in the early year.

First notebooks with ryzen 5000 should be released according to amd already in february. To what extent that works, however, as in the meantime, the other course of the coronavirus pandemic takes on: production and logistics have been under massive prere for about a year, which is generally too poorly available and price increases from notebooks (and many other technical products).

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