Report: news app on the mac will soon come from the iphone

Report: News app on the Mac will soon come from the iPhone

Apple has apparently prefixed his news app on the mac kunftig completely. The application to read imessages should be in macos 10.16 no longer a self-development for the mac, but also based on the application for ios or ipados. That reports 9to5mac calling on hand-acted code of a pre-release version of ios 14.

Hope for feature paritat

Apple has in catalina (macos 10.15) some smaller programs with the help of the so-called catalyst technology ported by its mobile platforms to the mac, including the stock application, podcasts and the voice memo. In the next macos version, the important news app that is called in english messages also added.

Advantageous to the fact that apple is so possible to make a light feature paritat between macos and ios or ipados – in the past, the message app shrugged on the mac functional mabig oopter behind the mobile variant.

Limits at catalyst apps

There was also clear, according to which apple has also gained his music application under macos, the itunes in catalina, also with the help of catalyst by its mobile platforms – so far there was no corresponding implementation here. Again, macos could benefit from more and more recent functions; however, the mobile variant administrative features that have been taken over in the music application of itunes.

Catalyst apps, in turn, have some restrictions on operation and menu-ui apple, however, this problem is aware of it and is rising gradually after. Nevertheless, catalyst apps of native mac apps are still clearly distinguishable. Apple had recently introduced so-called universal purchases, with which you can buy apps for macos and other platforms in a washing.

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