Report: apple snaps complete 3-nm capacity of tsmc

Report: Apple snaps complete 3-nm capacity of TSMC

The for 2022 planned mass production of 3-nm chips at the taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (tsmc) has apparently at the beginning only a single customer: apple. Appropriate appointment are completed according to local media reports or in the last. The foundry contract manufacturer is currently finding its machines and processes for the new structure width. The iphone manufacturer should help, because the necessary investments are immensely.

Slowly starting mass production

The trial production of 3-nm chips is already running – parallel to the 4-nm method. At first, however, only 50.000 processors per month or 600.000 expects every year before mass production in the city’s year’s year. According to the financial service udn tsmc must settle at least 300 million chips to retrieve investments – thanks to apple was allowed to succeed.

The group’s demand for tsmc arm chips will still be overcome in the coming year. In addition to new iphones with socs in the 4-nm process, 5-nm devices will continue to be sold – iphones, ipads and macs with m1-chip. Long-term, all processors that install apple come from tsmc. For 2021, more occasional macs are expected with intel chips before being completed by 2022 the complete transition to the arm architecture will be completed.

"A16" comes in the city’s year

Of the "a15" for 2021, it is probably manufactured in 4-nm structural width, which allows against the 5-nm process according to tsmc performance improvements between 10 and 15 percent. With the "a16" in 2022, the 3-nm process comes into play, which should make the socs again significantly energy-saving.

Samsung also works on 3- and 4 nm structural widths for its arm chips. Tsmc, however, supposedly supposed to have a lead of just half a year, which may certainly be due to apples deep pockets. The dependence of the foundry from the iphone manufacturer was allowed to increase in the coming years.

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