It is no coincidence that robert m. Pirsig developed his philosophies on quality as motorcyclist on a motorcycle. The tuv says "quality" the typical nature of an object, on the basis of which he measures fluctuations he compares a criteria list with the quality of similar objects. In his book "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" describes pirsig, on the other hand, the idea that quality is unlike all of all, despite tuv subjective property of a construct (such as beauty or truth), but represents the thesis that quality has its own, independent existence. On such an idea he would probably not have come as a motorist, not even if he had had an old benz from the unbreakable ara. On the motorcycle, however, this sounds so clearly so clear that millions of motorcyclists around pirsig’s exports worldwide nodded.

Probably it is due to the immediacy of experience, coupled with their violence. A rubbing drive chain (which can be quite bad quality), for example, has already separated some lower legs. A feeling of quality and where it is important to the survivors of the cradist. Despite determined, as the production processes, when the production processes produced large variations in the part properties, but to compensate for better technology, we have more controllers today, whose favorite saying is: "exactly with the durability, now that builds for half the price, supplier!" a consciousness of quality remains important, and i assert that the end customer at the power wheel on average more value is attached to the good of a component than most other consumers.

Especially with motorcycle clothing, because there is a contrast to fashion clothing. Expensive fashion clothes mostly costs a lot because … Actually, i have no idea why she costs exactly a lot, but it rarely states about production-relevant things. An acquaintance from this industry described the pricing once so: "we set the price before we know the purchase price. The pants cost at the end around the one hundred euros. It does not matter if we shop you for one euro or for two." expensive motorcycle clothes, on the other hand, tries at least mostly to convey a qualitative claim that justifies their price, and often she creates that. The justification remains mostly believed. The best example is belstaff. This company sells fashion jackets and motorcycle jackets. The interesting thing: the motorcycle jackets are a bit cheaper, although they are nowhere wrapped worse, but more expensive to manufacture with their protectors and dash-proof seams.

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