Playstation 5: the vast majority ps4 games are playable on a new console

PlayStation 5: The vast majority PS4 games are playable on a new console

The sales start of the playstation 5 is only a good month away, now sony has finally revealed important details on the question of abwartskompatabilitat: the playstation 5 will be compatible with the allemian games of the process ps4, the few exceptions the company leads to a list. But that is also called: the ps4 previous generations of the game console is no longer compatible with the ps4.

10 games do not run – the rest in coarse and large

As sony explains in a support document, the amongwhile majority of more than 4000 ps4 games is playable on the new console generation. The ten exceptions are: dwvr, afro samurai 2 revenge of kuma volume one, tt isle of man – ride on the edge 2, just deal with it!, shadow complex remastered, robinson: the journey, we sing, hitman go: definitive edition, shadwen, joe’s dinner. Unfortunately, the reason for the incompatibility is not experiencing. Sony also explicitly points out that this list can still change and only pure game titles.

Of the compatible games, some of the game boost feature should benefit: these titles are then rivery, because with a higher refresh rate. A comparable feature had already received the ps4 pro for games of the transaction generation. Already in marz of this year after the presentation of the playstation 5 sony had been explored, one "faith", that most ps4 titles are compatible.

Controller work, streaming is possible

However, complete clarity does not create the current document, because even though most ps4 titles on the ps5 are playable, for which some functions are not available, but the ps5 hd camera, which is not usable in ps4 games, as well as the tournament feature, ingame live and second screen. There are also occasional to errors or "unexpected behavior" come. Also, not the nowadays obligatory note not to keep his ps5 on the latest software stand, so that the abwartskompatibility is assisted.

The controllers of the ps4 can also be used on the playstation 5 for ps4 games (dualsense wireless, dualshock 4 wireless as well as sony shared gamepads of other manufacturers). Games that you have purchased by download for his ps4 should be transferred via wlan to the ps5. In addition, ps4 titles should be playable from an external data carrier. Who – from which reasons, does not separate from his ps4, can also stream the ps4 titles on the ps5 by remote play. You can not benefit from game boost. This reports engadget.

Microsoft uses emulator

Recently, ubisoft had unintentionally betrayed that it is not all too well ordered for the abwartskompatability of the ps5 (and had to remove this information from the net shortly thereafter). In any case, competitor microsoft has already set out the facts for his new game console generation: the xbox series x can export the xbox one games; the titles of the early generations can be started by emulator.

The playstation 5 should be on 19. November in germany come to the trade. The variant with disc drive should cost 499 euros, the slimmer "digital edition" without drive 399 euros.

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