Perfect fighting robot, alice weidel and a monkey race

perfect fighting robot, alice weidel and a monkey race

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

Madness! Madness! Madness! Soldiers of flesh and blood are overkill. The dead take over then almost all around perfect combat robots, as one knew them so far only from the cinema. These killer machines were developed by the legendary company bosstown dynamics. And to this revolutionary innovation there is now a first video.

perfect combat robot, alice weidel and a monkey race

Speaking of combat robots. Afd frontwoman alice weidel also reminds us of this during her appearances. Her posture and gestures seem so artificial, so programmed, especially when she gets terribly excited – for example, about an alleged head-down gesture made by a man who is said to be a leftist. Weidel then published the event and her energetic reaction on twitter and later quickly deleted it again. The alleged leftist was in fact an afd sympathizer. And the whole thing was just a funny misunderstanding. Embarrassing! Embarrassing! Embarrassing! More information and a video can be found here. And this is our cinematic commentary on it.

Yes, even trump was pleased when he was recently awarded a medal. And now only a real monkey race is missing.

So, now we get serious: christopher walken reads the raven. After this gem we clear the question why ritter sport is square. And then we have some very sad news: a potted plant has died of neglect. And this scandal, this system failure, was once again hushed up by the public-law media.

But there is also some good news: the legendary "11foot8 bridge" will finally be rebuilt, so that such pictures will not be repeated in the future. Too bad!

perfect fighting robot, alice weidel and a monkey race

Time for readers’ mail: killer sheep, beware of tesla vehicles, dump trucks, fork art and halloween.

Finally the fast run: top 60 viral videos – october, the ozzy man, sonneborn threatens the madman from the bosporus, suber dog, cat pianist, the secret of public toilets, marble machine, roller coaster, ruthe.De – the ent-wg, schinaschrott, school vacations 1967, mufasa, studio 188: star wars. And the final point is our video of the week: funny funeral.

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