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Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

Every year on 1. April react on the net the jokers. Unfortunately, only a few jokes are really funny, most of them are nice at best. However, there have been two really good april fool’s jokes this year that you can still laugh about days later. The one i read in the "01 blog" opera face gestures, a new and revolutionary extension of the opera browser, which twitter guru sascha lobo also liked to work with: "a shining example of usability, especially bookmarking should always work like this- oh, it’s just a joke. Damn."And the other joke video comes from the tourism organization myswitzerland and is about rock cleaners. By the way a nice job idea.

Somewhat dubious, however, the hotelicopter suddenly appeared in the media and blogs. And many actually took this story seriously. For example, at krone.At on 30. March read: "in the 42-meter-long and 14-meter-high helicopter are 18 luxuriously furnished rooms, the maximum cruising speed amounts to amazing 237 km/h."And at youtube there is naturally the suitable video to it. Also on 30. Marz then proved to wired that this miracle helicopter is a hoax, which apparently is supposed to advertise this website. In the meantime there is a countdown, something is supposed to be launched there. And this is how the page looked before 2. April from.

As you can read in the blog of nerdcore, more and more filmed washing machines appear on youtube, which are then also professionally commented there. On this model, for example, it says: "eudora sparmeister 700 eu 443s with full wash load. Film includes the scenes washing in normal program, spooling and spinning." the pure thrill!

Much more exciting is the video showing robot legs pushing a shopping cart. At the new console "shii – the wii for women" probably not only women will have their fun. And if you laughed at "borat", you will certainly enjoy sacha baron cohen’s new film "bruno"" mogen. A first trailer is available here.

So, and now our quick run-through: the supposedly first german rap song from 1980 is presented in this video. This is exactly what it sounds like when an indian teacher says the word "fuck". Bob dylan, who just gave some concerts in germany, is now also available as a cartoon character. Not sub at all is this turtle that catches and eats a pigeon. And for weeks already in every hit parade represented is the video "extreme sheep led art". More than five million people have watched it so far on youtube alone. Und es sieht ja auch wirklich schon aus.

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