Nasal swab robot: brain-navi robot absorbs smear for covid-19 tests

Nasal Swab Robot: Brain-Navi robot absorbs smear for Covid-19 tests

The taiwanese company brain navi biotechnology has developed a procedure to score much faster at humans for pcr tests. Through the use of his actually for neurosurgical purposes, naotrac’s robots should also be avoided the risk of infection for medical staff.

Corona tests are sometimes two-consuming and tying trained (medical) staff. Here it is close to carrying out the necessary smear in the nose-throat space from a robot. Brain navi has taught his surgical robot, such a test completely automatically performed. For this purpose, a face can be performed first. From this, the nasal swab robot called robots determines the distance between nose and ear, and about the exact distance to the nasopharynx, the pickup of the pcr tested secretions to the genome certificate of the coronavirus.

About prere sensors to determine if the wattage tab has already been pushed too far, the nasal swab robot does not have. The face scan and the calculations of the way should be sufficient for a secure navigation of the wattage tab in the nasal throat space and the targeted acceptance of the secretion.

Automatic smear

An import help, which is put on the nose of the person to be tested and a fixing aid for the head should also help.

The robot arm then drives the sterile cotton carrier slowly to the nasopharynx to remove a sample for about 10 seconds under light turning. The cotton carrier pushes the nasal swab robot back into the monovette, the transport tube, back. The entire process takes about two minutes including preparations. Whether the smear with the robot for the person is morearious than by medical staff, brain navi made no information.

The nasal swab robot automatically removes a sample for a coronavirus test.

Brain navi sees the use of his nasal swab robots, especially at the airport and everywhere where many tests on the coronavirus should be carried out quickly quickly. According to the company, an application for approval of a clinical trial has already been approved by the ministry of health and social affairs in taiwan. In the united states, the food in drug administration calls as a state-owned authority the at the last of nasal swab robots.

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