Mini exit

Hair, 11. February 2013 – if that is not a good omen: point to the exit, a small hole rubs into the cloud cover to the mountain peaks it gets lighter. We are in the easter kitzbuhel at the mini-generational meeting. In front of me is a classic mini from 1997, a 2003 mini cooper and a mini cooper s, built in 2012. The three comrades should bring me to munchen about small mountain and land straps.

Not strong

On the first stage to sudelfeld, i decide for the most unspectacular vehicle. I climb in the 2003 cooper with 115 hp and must first acclimatize me – the interior of the british is already unusual. An example: the mirror adjustment and the windows are housed in the center console instead of the treatments.

We drive through small, snowy dorfer and villages. The motto is complete on the route completely on highways and whenever possible to do without greater land straps. When it goes steep uphill just before the first vehicle change, it becomes clear that the performance of the 1.6-liter four-cylinder is not so upstig. At steep slopes, the machine is unexpectedly difficult. Beyond 3000pm, with much switching work and howling engine the mini the minimum the serpentines high.

Rolls-royce feeling

After a short break on an idyllically tailed parking in about 1000 meters high, it goes to the second stage. I climb in the current cooper s and is amazed: it is one "cooper s inspired by goodwood", which was built in a special version limited to 1000 copies as a tribute to rolls-royce. Bright leather and wooden skirts of felling a whole tree explaining why customers at least 46.900 euros for the now sold out nobel flitzer.

The test car with 184 hp has an automatic transmission. With activated sports mode, which should make the steering more directly, and a charming exhaust blowers in the gas-takeaway, i’m in the direction of lenggries, the next stage destination. It goes through snowy landscapes and small village. Thank god are the straws halfway dry and allow a rubern through steep sweeps and mountainous harassment. Crunchy he fails, the little nobel athlete, and through the direct steering you have the small car well under control. Only if you pass the gas pedal on the curve and the automatic switches to a small memorial second, you realize that the mini is a front drive and pushes over the front axle. The path leads to tegernsee and schliersee over – time for the last stage in the ur mini.

Loud and indulgent

The original mini, here a model of 1997, was built almost unnecessary from 1959 to 2000. Hardly long than three meters, two-inch rims and around 800 kilograms easily. I already have a little respect, after all, there is neither power steering nor abs or other technical helper – and that with wet strain and snow. After caring for the first meters very carefully, i find myself in the four-go salad of the gearbox and it goes towards munchchen. The 63 hp bring the mini trainer as well as adopted.

The overhange could hardly be smaller, the steering wheel stands in a flat angle almost as in a coach in front of me and through the barely existing suspension the driver gets extremely much reintegration. The only theoretically available soundproofing makes talking quasily as soon as the 1.3-liter injector rotates over 3000 / min.

One works

As shortly thereafter our tour takes an end and i have to give the mini again. All three make their kind of spab, but my darling is clear. The original mini may not be timely, in terms of safety and comfort, but its unconfigured rejections ensure that he has left the most sustainable impression of the three minis.

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