Mercedes e 250 bluetec: clean diesel in new york

Mercedes e 250 bluetec: clean diesel in new york

New york (usa), 14. April 2009 – more and more stringent emission standards prepare the engine developers abundant muh – especially if inner-motive procedures and filter measures at first have to move more consumption. On the other hand, standards such as american bin-5 or euro 6 are forced to have new technical improvements that ultimately move on the diesel engine. The ambition especially german carmaker to make him hopeful in the usa: mercedes now shows within the scope of the 10. Until 19. April 2009 will take place new york international auto show, short nyias, its clean e-class for america.

Freed from the mief

Diesel engines have it hard in the us. The was first of all the alleged uncultivation, though hardly a us motorist can speak from experience. As well as, because lack of useful diesel fuel and far too few petrol stations, a diesel car eventually came into question anyway. In addition, in the united states, what threatens in europe in whole sharpen only with the euro 6: especially the nitrogen oxides can not be reduced virtually no longer than required without elaborate aftertreatment. Daimler has also tried for years, with the help of bluetec technology to free the diesel from the mief image, most recently with increasing success.

The clean e-class

In new york, daimler tries to make e 250 bluetec, clean and economical diesel technology tasty the american audience. The flash-polished vehicle is basically an e 250 cdi driven by a double-charged common rail diesel engine with 204 hp. The power transfer takes place via a seven-step automatic. The core of the bluetec system are two scr catalysts, which an "adblue" injector is connected upstream. Adblue is a synthetic water urea solution that causes the nitrogen oxides to be reduced in the scr catalysts to non-nitrogen. The monitoring and diagnosis of complex exhaust aftertreatment take over several sensors. In addition, as usual, a motionless oxidation catalyst and the diesel particulate filter.

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