Mercedes cls 350 cdi 4matic: experiences in the snow

Mercedes cls 350 cdi 4matic: experiences in the snow

Hochgurgl (austria), 9. December 2010 – all-wheel drive is nothing new at mercedes car. Already in 1987, the stuttgart asked her "4matic" called system in the middle class series w124 before. Since then, the 4matic has been further developed and coupled with numerous electronic systems. In a mercedes cls 350 cdi 4matic we were able to try long before his official premiere in september 2011, how well the system is on snow. For this we were with the fourth coupe on the timmelsjoch high alpine strain in austria.

Steady line

Visually, the all-wheel-cls does not distinguish from the rear-wheel drive models. Only the "4matic" lettering at the stern betrayed that the force is going to this car at all four raders. The lettering can also be unsubscribed on request. Otherwise, the cls remains what he is: an elegant coupe with four things and a fully usable rear. The self-contained cockpit with its slim lines and the perfectly seated leather coating also borders the interior of the coupe sedan from the e-class.

Soft control

It goes on the snowy test track. First, careful, four driven raders mean a traction advantage when accelerating, but when braking, the four-wheel drive does not help. During the normal cls 100 percent of the driving force at the rear, 45 percent of the moments hike forward at the 4matic model. If the driver gives a little more gas, the slight rear female fabric is clearly traces. This conveys a sporty feel, and the car is manifully pulled off, though he’s trusted deep through the snow. Particularly striking: on the one hand, the drive on rader with slip reacts very fast, on the other hand, he regulates comfortable. The inmates do not jerk out.

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