Mccain is the republican candidate – and clinton remains in the race

Former president’s wife wins in ohio, texas and rhode island

The first winner of the night was john mccain: when it was clear that he had won in vermont and ohio, his campaign team was already preparing the balloons that would go up when he reached the 1191 delegates necessary for a secure candidacy. When, around three o’clock central european time, the victory in texas followed, it was clear that they had not worked in vain. It was much more exciting among the democrats.

First to be paid off were two small east coast states that had relatively few delegates to award and correspondingly little attention in the campaign: in vermont, as expected, obama won by a rough margin – but in rhode island, clinton won by a relatively surprising margin. In ohio, her victory had been expected – but no longer with such clarity. In texas, it was unclear for the longest time who would win the race. According to the cnn polls, clinton had scored with a large proportion of those voters who had only made up their minds in the last few days.

Self-deprecating clinton

In addition to her more concrete health insurance concept, it may also have contributed to this that in her election campaign she had "obamania" successfully made a topic of discussion in the american media. The draw was the nbc comedy show saturday night life, which took aim at the different treatment of the two remaining democratic candidates by television journalists. In the sketch, she is asked unfair questions, is slagged off and insulted – while obama is adored in a way that is usually only seen in little girls and boy groups. In a reference to this, clinton remarked during one of the following debates what the next question for obama would be – perhaps whether he was sitting comfortably and liked another cushion?

Another saturday night life sketch, featuring herself, gave clinton an opportunity to embellish her dogged image with some self-irony: in it, the actress parodying her touted herself as the better president because she was able to get lobbyists to quit by being famously annoying. Videos of the sketches were deleted from youtube, but this did not ensure that they disappeared from the network. A lively debate about censorship by powerful media conglomerates and the attitude of google, which was not necessarily in favor of the company, broke out.

Obama: increasingly the target of attacks

In texas, even the support of kinky friedman could not help obama. The mystery writer and countrysanger ("they ain’t makin’ jews like jesus anymore"), who ran for governor of texas in 2006, explained his preference quite vividly:

Obama has less political experience than i do, and that makes him a good candidate.

In the last two weeks, obama has been considered the most promising democratic candidate, which has increasingly made him the target of attacks aimed at more than just democratic primaries and caucus-goers. In addition to a photo of the candidate in african costume, old accusations regarding his israel policy were used for this purpose. But whether they will stick is questionable: obama put into perspective a statement he made last year about the suffering of the people in gaza and the west bank by adding that this suffering was caused by palestinians.

During the debate on a un security council resolution to close the borders to gaza, he wrote to zalmay khalilzad, the u.S. Ambassador to the united nations, that the security council should either speak out clearly against the rocket attacks and in favor of an israeli right of self-defense – or remain silent altogether. John mccain demanded about the same. However, only one day later.

Cold warrior mccain

Also against the now surely determined republican candidate already the first heavier dish was brought out of the cover: his unusually close relationship with a lobbyist. Less suitable for the election campaign than for possible later lawsuits, however, is his birth in the panama canal zone, which could become a problem insofar as the u.S. Constitution actually stipulates that the president be a "natural-born citizen" must be.

Mccain himself, meanwhile, made it clear that his policy may be guided by trauma acquired through captivity and torture: for him, everything bad apparently comes from russia – and that doesn’t necessarily coincide with the realities of world and security politics. Among other things, he wants to kick the country out of the g8 group (which he defines as a "club of leading market democracies" ) and include india and brazil in its place. Croatia, macedonia and albania would like the vietnam veteran to join nato "invite" and "the door open to democracies like ukraine and georgia." for "moscow" on the other hand, he sees only the option of "partnership" and also the merely, if it its "obligations in the international community" descendant.

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