Like tesla motors batteries recycled

What happens with lithium-ion batteries of electric cars when they have tipped their lives? At least we now know how tesla motors wants to handle it. At the end "your long life" should the battery packs be prepared in the uht system of the company umicore.

Umicore had announced at the end of 2009 to build his capacity for battery recycling. The operation of the plant should be included until mid-2011. "Uht" stands for "ultra high temperature smething". The company reacts with the new plant on the increasing battery-"waste" of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Every year, about 7000 tonnes of material can be reworked, which is about 150.000 drive batteries or 250 million mobile phone batteries.

According to tesla, umicore first wins cobalt, nickel and other metals from the battery packs at the recycling process. Then the cobalt is converted into cobalt lithium oxide, which can then be resold back to the battery manufacturer. One "the few by-products" the process is a clean inerted slag containing calcium oxides and lithium. This slag is used for the production of high-quality concrete.

According to umicore, the uht process is characterized by significantly less co2 in cobalt and nickel production than in its primary generation – tesla calls a co2 saving of 70 percent. In addition, the recycling process is much more energy efficient than any other battery level process and place certainly, which did not enter any dioxins or other cured pollutants into the environment. Umicore works on procedures that should make it possible to use recycled lithium in batteries.

Tesla motors sells his electric roadster for about three years. The buyers of the vehicle have nothing to pay for recycling if the battery pack after seven to ten years or 160.000 kilometers are exchanged. Whether these values are achieved at all, it should be of course. At the end of 2010, tesla motors did not pride that the german hansjorg of gemmingen with his tesla roadster in one year 60.Has 000 kilometers to reset. If he goes on, the next battery report had to come in mid-2012, which, of course, still say nothing about the long-term stability.

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