Jaguar xkr-s: on the road in the new top model

Jaguar xkr-s: on the road in the new top model

Portimao (portugal), 14. June 2011 – jaguar revives the short xkr-s model. Unlike the model offered until 2009, the new edition stands out from the other xk versions with a higher engine output. The driver can now access the sporty flagship of the british brand to 550 horsepower. We have already had the opportunity to test drive the xkr-s.

Coupe only

Jaguar’s xk range is the sportiest in the british brand’s lineup. It comes as an elegant coupe and as a convertible. The xkr-s will only be available as a coupe. It differs visually from its weaker siblings. The front has only been given a new skirt, but this makes the car look wider and more stocky. Two narrow air vents on the right and left and the two horizontal slots at the front end of the hood make the s-model look sportier. The standard dark 20-inch wheels stand out at the sides and a spoiler at the rear provides more downforce.

Sporty and long-distance capable

The 300-km. Even a so-called fast forward, i.E. A speedometer display that is higher than the actual speed, does not seem to be planned for this 300-kilometer model. Otherwise, everything in the xk is the same: the seats upholstered in fine leather are sporty yet suitable for long journeys, and the second row is only suitable for luggage because of the virtually non-existent legroom.

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