Ipad pro with mini led display allegedly already suded

IPad Pro with mini LED display allegedly already suded

Fans of the ipad pro had 2020 a rather dispersing year: the new models presented in the spring were rather a refresh as a redesign, only a minimum drilled processor was integrated compared to the process, and there was also a superior camera unit including lidar. In contrast, the ipad air 4 was subjected to a complete conversion this fall. But now there is reason to hope for friends of apple’s professional tablet: allegedly, new ipad pro models are already in the first quarter 2021.

Also macs soon with mini-led?

This reports the specialist newspaper appearing in sudkorea etnews. According to their information, lg is responsible for the suppliers of mini-led screens for the new devices. Apple allegedly wants it "fruh in the next year" kick off. The ipad allegedly makes the beginning, followed by other products such as macbook and even imac. In april there was information, apple has postponed his first ipad with mini-led backlight first. Reason is the coronavirus pandemic and delays in the supply chain. Thus, the group no longer managed to launch the new hardware 2020.

The interest apple’s interest on the mini led technology not only for tablets has been known for a long time. Such displays have some advantages. They allow lighter and dunner components, but also offer high-dynamic range support plus high contrast. In addition, a local dimming is possible, which saves electricity and ensures a total better picture. Even clearly revolutionary is the micro-led technology, according to the apple reports, among other things, for the apple watch.

Supply chain is obviously

According to etnews apple also has its supply chain for the mini-led technology in the ipad "final". Epistar from taiwan is to supply the mini leds themselves and the mounting using surface-mount technology (smt) is carried out at tsmt before lg then attaches its lcds to the modules and the final assembly takes place and the product is delivered to apple.

In addition to a mini led display, which was also able to allow a superpendent form factor in the ipad pro, the installation of 5g radio technology is planned in the tablets – at least in the more expensive models. Here, the use of qualcomms x55 is allegedly sought.

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