Ipad pro 2021: new display technology allegedly ensures production problems

IPad Pro 2021: New display technology allegedly ensures production problems

The new display technique for the ipad is allegedly causing problems: suppliers have difficulty, the new 12.9"-to produce lcds with mini-led backlight in the larger mabboat, such as the financial news agency bloomberg calling on informed persons. The production yield is only small and one of the mini-led manufacturers have had to stop the production youngest. According to apple’s mini led suppliers, the report has several companies located in taiwan including ennostar and taiwan surface mounting technology.

Contrasting ipad display

Apple tarpaulin but continue to introduce new ipad pro models in the current april. The rough high-end model will probably only come into the trade in the trade due to the production problems and initially only in small stucco numbers, writes bloomberg.

A backlight made of mini-leds should significantly increase the number of dimmable zones and thus make a higher contrast to settle to oled screens and, for example, to allow a contrasting playback of hdr content in bright environments. So far, the new technology will only be in the expensive 12.9"-model expects, but not in the 11th"-ipad pro. According to reports, apple also wants to put in the next macbook pro on lcds with mini-led backlight.

Faster with thunderbolt support

In addition to a faster processor at the level of apple’s m1-chip and an improved camera system, thunderbolt support is expected for the first time in the ipad pro 2021. The pro models have come since 2018 with usb-c instead of lightning connection. Thunderbolt soon could make a much faster connection of external storage media to the tablet as well as the striking of 5k and 6k monitors, but apple also had to expand the software-enhanced support for an operation external screen on the ipad software.

In the past, apple introduced new ipads as usual in marz, dearly speculating appointments but elapse. Whether now in april, an event should follow for presentation, remains open for the time being.

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