Ginetta g60: puristic athlete from england

Ginetta g60: puristic athlete from england

Garforth (great britain), 19. October 2011 – steering and brakes without servo understatement, abs missage – who a lotus is too comfortable, is perhaps in the same british sports car forge ginetta. Their new, two-seater g60 is a 1080 kg lightweight mid-motor athlete, which is powered by a 3.7 liter large duratec-v6 from ford. The machine makes 314 hp, the maximum torque amounts to 390 nm. Is switched with a manual six-speed transmission. A blocking differential with automatic power distribution should also provide good traction in researchers for good traction.

In around five seconds to 100

As a high speed, the british give 165 mph, converted about 265 km / h. In around five seconds, the g60 reaches the brand of 100 km / h. The 80-liter tank should range from 770 kilometers. Brakes with four-piston saddles all around and slotted slices in the format 365 × 32 millimeters front or 355 × 28 millimeters behind the g60 will promise a powerful delay. The chassis with double querle core is a complete self-design. The body of the sports car consists of carbon fibers and mutates familiar. In fact, they are looking for a model of the small manufacturer colorio. Ginetta had bought the company 2010 and called the vehicle first f400. However, because the foreign construction is one "moody" behavior on the day put, ginetta constructed the car completely new up to the body.

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