Form follows zeitgeist

Form follows zeitgeist

Stuttgart, 16. Marz 2016 [-] not only the media world, even the automotive industry is now a non-higher pace than before 30 years ago. If a car hire sooner could be sure that after a presentation for a few years there was a certain constancy, that’s not even for models, which have been in the trade only for a year. In the youngest past, that was already the case with ford several times, now it also meets mercedes buyer. The cla series gets a small model teamwork, which is also affected by the kombi shooting brake.

Diamonds series mabig

The previous buyers will not be excited about it, but can relax. Because the review is only to recognize as such on the third view. Front and rear trim, in gray time times referred to as stobstagen, were easily folded, the "diamond kuhler grill" is now standard mab. The lights on tail and front were also slightly changed. For the first time in the cla level-controlled jerk lights, which should reduce the blend effect for subsequent vehicles in the dark. However, there are only together with the new led headlights. Against additional payment, the tailgate opens with a targeted fub movement.

Customs win

The interior can now be designed with other colors, with most customers, it will probably remain in the classic black. The media display with a diagonal of eight inches got a narrower frame, which is good for him. In the control panel, mercedes continues to make differences between the series: all models based on the b and a class – this also belongs to the cla – get a simple rotary prere controller compared to the expensive series, from the c-class becomes a controller touchpad installed. So or so let’s hold that there are systems in both cases that can be used intuitive. A radio with usb connections is standard mabig, a cd player costs less than 60 euros less than peugeot.

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