Ford tourneo connect bev in geneva

Ford tourneo connect bev in geneva

Koln, 9. March 2009 – the new ford tourneo connect bev (bev = battery electric vehicle) is expected to impress with a new interior and body design as well as an environmentally friendly electric drive. The manufacturer presents the car until 15 march 2009 at the. March 2009 at the geneva motor show.

It is still a study

While the visual modifications will be incorporated into the series production as early as 2009, the market launch of the fully functional electric drive has not yet been decided. The ford tourneo connect bev is currently a concept study. "With sufficiently high demand, we were able to quickly bring this quiet, completely zero-emission technology into volume production," says ford european head john fleming.

Technology partner with experience

The bev system is a joint development with smith electric vehicles. As the european market leader for converting commercial vehicles to battery electric drive, ford says it has converted tens of thousands of vehicles since 1920. In fact, when you look at smith’s website, it’s amazing how much experience they have with a technology that is currently perceived by the public as a technology of the future.

Ford has been cooperating with tanfield group since 2007 on the development of electric vehicles with battery storage. Smith is currently offering an electric version of the ford transit for fleet customers in the uk and some other european markets. A first ford transit connect bev is also scheduled for delivery in the uk later this year. Together with tanfield, ford plans to launch the transit connect bev in north america from 2010 as a fully electric vehicle with rechargeable batteries for energy storage. The ford tourneo connect bev concept vehicle unveiled in geneva is based on the ford transit connect bev.

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