Munich, 27. June 2014 – "engine of the year" in 2014, many engines familiar from previous years were once again named engine of the year, but there were also surprises in some categories. The jury for the competition, which has been held annually since 1999, is made up of international motoring journalists. The competition is special in that it does not place so much emphasis on values, but on the subjective driving experience. In addition to economy, driveability criteria such as responsiveness and performance characteristics also play an important role.

An e-car for the first time

The winner of the category "best new engine" is always a surprise "best new engine". Naturally, the main winner was bmw, whose new engines are as fresh as a daisy and which has won more engine of the year awards than any other manufacturer. But this time mercedes was ahead with the engine from the a 45 amg, cla 45 amg and gla 45 amg. The most powerful series-produced four-cylinder engine also impressed with its low fuel consumption.

Bmw looked a little pale in general, even with the green engines "green" bmw is also looking down the barrel of a green powertrain: it wasn’t the new i3 that won, but the model s from american manufacturer tesla. So for the first time this year, it was not a hybrid or natural gas car that won, but a pure electric vehicle, and the english must be wondering whether they now have to rename the prize to "propulsion of the year", because an e-machine in your language is not an "engine" but a "motor" is. Last year’s category winner, fiat’s 875-cubic natural gas minnow, finished only fifth as other newcomers surged ahead. At the other end of the spectrum, in the sports car engine category, ferrari won with the v8 from the 458 speciale.

There are many old acquaintances in the individual displacement categories. For example, the 1.4 tsi twincharger from vw now winner of the 1.0 to 1.4 liter category for the eighth time in a row. The overall ranking was also won by a familiar engine, which triumphed for the third time in a row: ford’s three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine.

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