Experts: british government offers millions of false satellites

Experts: British government offers millions of false satellites

The british government plans to invest around 500 million pounds in the start-up oneweb start-up in insolvency. The government for boris johnson hopes for the bbc that the oneweb satellites are used to build a position determination system. By brexit, the british has only enrolled access to europe’s gps alternative galileo and are looking for alternatives.

"Yes, we bought the wrong satellites"

However, experts doubt that the oneweb satellites can be used over this purpose. "Yes, we bought the wrong satellites", quoted the guardian dr. Bleddyn bowen from the university of leicester. "Oneweb works like elon musks starlink as a mega constellation of satellites in a deep petroleum career. They are used to connect people to the ground with the internet". Bowen doubts that one can build a positioning system with the precision of a gps with the onweb communication satellites.

Giles thorne, analyst, suggests the same score in the investment bank jefferies specialized on growth companies. "For me, it looks like nationalism had stood out of solid industrial policy here". The american gps, the russian glonass, the chinese beidou and europe galileo: all known positioning systems were in the middle earth matroad to about 20000 km high. The oneweb satellites, of which already 74 started, are on the other side of the ground at 1200 km high.

In doubt for the accused

Thorne also approves the british government one: "in doubt for the accused". If the government is about bringing its own positioning system to the start of the domestic space industry and send a strong signal to the world, one could come with the oneweb investment perhaps favorable and faster to the destination as with a completely new to develop positioning system. At the end, the conversion of the oneweb satellites to the galileo alternative but a quadrature of the circle equals.

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