Dispute about french digital tax: usa do not want to raise

Dispute about French digital tax: USA do not want to raise

In the dispute over the taxation of digital corones, the us government renounces until further notice on a previously contested behavior of criminal targets on french products. The additional import goods were not raised because the investigation of digital tax projects of other countries still run, explained the us trade officer buro on thursday. The aim is to find a coordinated answer to the tax plan. From the sentenced past july and then for six months of sentiments of sentences were affected among other lipsticks, soaps and handbags from france. The trading volume was given with about 1.3 billion us dollars.

International coordinated digital tax is not in sight

The government of us prasident donald trump’s short from the office had repeatedly threatened to polls with criminal states after france had introduced a national digital tax in 2019. The tax mainly meets rough us corporations such as google or facebook. France had initially exposed the taxes of the tax to use in negotiations for an international regulation. The french ministry of economic affairs had been sent last november but first digital taxes sent to companies. France still poses an international solution.

The negotiations for the organization for economic cooperation and development (oecd) have so far been unsuccessful because of the pandemic and political disagreement. The organization hopes to an agreement until the middle of the year.

Pests as a political remedy

Eu commission vice valdis dombrovskis wrote on thursday on twitter, taking note of the decision of washington. You are ready to find an agreement with the usa. He credited that such ies should be clarified within the framework of the world trade organization. If the us is still one-sided of the criminal director, you are ready, "all options" explore.

The digital taxes targeted by several european countries should focus mainly of rough american technology corporations such as amazon or google, who pay too little levies in individual market critics with their business model according to critics.

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