Cosmologist, mathematician and draftsman: roger penrose becomes 90

Cosmologist, mathematician and draftsman: Roger Penrose becomes 90

The mathematician and physicist roger penrose is known to the wide audience through his entertaining non-fiction books on computers and artificial intelligence, the physicists by proof of the existence of black punches and the dortmunder students for the hubsche tiling of the foyer of the technical university with the penrose pattern. He celebrates on the 8. August 2021 his 90. Date of birth.

Physics nobel prize – and a tiled foyer

Roger penrose grew up in a highly talented family, the father of genetian, the mother of the doctor, a brother schachgrobmeister and the other physicist, while the sister became known again as a geneticist. He studied mathematics and in addition to physics at paul dirac, which merged einstein’s religious theory with quantum mechanics.

Penrose himself achieved his coarse recognition success by proving that einstein’s gravity theory can explain the existence of the black punch. For this he got a half of the nobel prize for physics in 2020.

In addition to the penrose tiling, as she was relocated to dortmund, the draft-talented penrose developed the penrose triangle, which was inspired by works by the netherlands kunstler maurits escher. Together with his compatriot and media star stephen hawking he could show that the cosmos has a singularity. In hawking movie "the discovery of infinity" from 2014 roger penrose is played by christian mckay.

His book published in 1991 "computer thinking. Of the emperor’s new clothes or the debate for artificial intelligence, consciousness and the laws of nature" is still one of the best introductions to the debate about the artificial intelligence. Since the upswing of string theory, penrose is considered the sharpest critic of these physical models.

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