Corona pandemic: companies want to accelerate vaccination in germany

Corona Pandemic: Companies want to accelerate vaccination in Germany

Coarse parts of the german economy are convinced to accelerate the vaccination action against the coronavirus. Numerous companies signaled their willingness to splash employees in recent days. But the vaccine is not enough for this. More than pilot projects are not foreseeable so far – and patience is in demand in the corporations’ vaccine centers.

"Companies are ready"

Alone at the car supplier continental, more than 1000 employees were vaccinated in the factory services in germany, as the dax group from hannover announced on request. "Our company doctor is ready", said staff speaker nicole of god of the german press agency. "Concrete information from the state-based resistances when we can be active here are not yet available."

For a faster advance, medical practices with vaccine are now also supplied after the regional vaccine centers. On the demand, even vaccinations in companies quickly driven, federal health minister jens spahn had last referred several times on the few available vaccine. "It is still too short", he said end marz. The factory resources should enter into the vaccination campaign.

This week, berlin’s governing burgermeister michael muller attacked the demand and suggested consultations between the federal government and countries. "We have to talk about how we better integrate the household and factory to become faster." spahn had told with a view of the ranking, he finds it difficult to vaccinate more young people from companies as long as the ages are not yet protected.

Interest of the employees high

Nevertheless, in some corporations, it is amed that it could soon be so far. "We would like to start vaccinating immediately as soon as factory and plant operates are involved in the vaccination campaign", says markus siebenmorgen from the pharmaconzern bayer in leverkusen. "According to the latest packet ordinance, we expect that this will be the case in short." the interest of the employees is high, and the company also wants to extend the vaccinations to third-party companies at the respective locations as well as on family-ordered.

Such offers from the economy are more. Thus, at the insurance company allianz according to enterprise contributions 27 vaccine struggles are prepared at the 15 largest locations. "We are ready to start, but there is still a lack of vaccines", says a spokesman. In the executive board there is also the creation of offering family-class vaccinations. At deutsche telekom it is called: "we ame that within eight weeks, we are about 80 percent of our approximately 100.Can vaccinate 000 employees in germany."

The energy company rwe is also in the starting pages. "Rwe was able to start the next week – if there is vaccine for companies", said board leader rolf martin schmitz der rheinische post. "Our 17 company doctor are ready to vaccinate 80 to 100 employees in the day. Then we were in two weeks with the workforce and were then offered to vaccinate the families of employees."

The steel and industrial company thyssenkrupp also has the interest in vaccinating employees through the company doctor. But you want to "do not enter into a competition to vaccinate his workforce faster than other people". In the us and india, however, the company has already successfully involved in vaccination campaigns, says a spokeswoman.

So far only model projects

The steel manufacturer salzgitter calculates a spokesman with the fact that the required vaccine for own vaccinations will probably be available at the end of the second quarter. The group from lower saxony also expects the prioritization currently available to certain groups as soon as vaccin is available. The new niedersachsian minister of health of daniela behrens even ames that in may the first operational services could start vaccinating in the companies.

The vaccinations in companies are still limited to pilot projects such as basf or volkswagen. As part of a model project in rhineland-palatinate, the chemical company in ludwigshafen started a few days ago with around 400 vaccinations, with a current maximum day capacity of 600. Volkswagen had already on the 30. Marz a model project in saxony started and initial employees in the zwickau plant with the astrazeneca vaccine vaccinated. After the transverse elves around the praparat, the car maker exposed the vaccinations and has been injecting the vakzin of biontech for a few days.

Most recently, the bavarian government arrived, operators soon to 50.000 powdoses against the coronavirus want to make available. "As soon as all the preparations are completed, we want to start with the first model projects in april with the first model projects", health minister klaus holetschek on thursday. First, small and medium-sized companies as well as smaller locations of coarse companies in the high-incidence regions have been selected.

From this monday, companies have to offer their staff in accordance with a preservation of occupational safety, which can not work permanently in home office, corona tests. The head of the institute for world economy kiel, gabriel felbermayr, sees the test obligation critically. "With the supply of tests for companies, the state distracts from his own failure", he said to the "daily mirror" (monday). "In the fight against the pandemic is not the gamechanger, which politics hopes." in his view, it has been more targetable, "if coronate tests were principle for everyone free of charge".

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