Corona crisis: ipads for up to 1 million best schuler in california

Corona crisis: iPads for up to 1 million best Schuler in California

The us state of california wants to massively increase the computer equipment of public schools with a billion investment and cooperation with it companies: to create a basis for e-learning after the summer holidays and "cropped" to achieve children should be networked in collaboration with apple and t-mobile up to 1 million tolerous schoolers with tablets, as the californian school worker announced cde.

Around 6 million schools remain at home

Several hundred thousand schoolchildren are currently unable to use their "teachers to contact teachers, co-schoolers and educational institutions", the head of the school work of tony thurmond explained in a message. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, 97 percent of the uber 6 million californian schuler are after the summer holidays "foreign learning forced", so thurmond on. At least 100.000 ipads should already be available at the beginning of school, further orders could be accepted and to be used for the rest of the year.

As a result, public schools of the us state receive the possibility to order lte tablets for the best schuler in a coarse extent, it will continue to be in the message. Overall, an extra budget for schools from 5 billion us dollars is ready for virtual learning.

Corona crisis increases apple hardware demand

The mobile connection provides t-mobile with discount, apple also made a special prize for the mobile-leading tablets, which still under apple’s other conditions for school grape orders is so the author. Apple also wool without an extra charge teacher virtually in the use of tablets schools. You have been around 150 since marz worldwide.000 such coaching sessions for teachers performed, the manufacturer notes.

Apple has announced a new record business quarter: especially the demand for ipads and macs has also increased significantly by pandemic-conditioned trends such as home office and virtual learning, so the manufacturer. For autumn, continue to grow powerful growth in education.

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