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Munchen, 19. May 2013 – in the upscale mid-range, audi, bmw and mercedes make the most of the selling in germany among themselves. Bmw opens the mercedes e-class renovated with coarse effort, a slightly superior 5er.

Quite the old one

Owners of the current model do not have to worry, suddenly sitting in an outdated car. Unlike mercedes, bmw has only marginally changed the 5s. Most clearest will be the changes in the lower area of the front, the stobbing rear was decorated with a small chrome bar. A back-long trunk flap at the 5er gran turismo increases the pack space volume by 60 liters to 500 liters. Serial mabig are now in all models of the 5 series xenon lights. Even if prices are not yet fixed for the leveraged 5er, we are reasonably sure that bmw will be allowed to avoid this additional equipment. On request, we could call us at least the art base price: the 518d is 39.900 exactly 300 euros less than before the previous entry-level model 520i costs. Market start for the modified 5er is on the 20th. July 2013.

New base

The 518d with 143 hp is brand new in the 5er program. The two-liter machine has been offered since 2007 in the 1er and in the 3er and was always handled again and again again and again. In the 5er, it now offers 360 nm and thus almost as much as the wicked diesel in the 520d (184 hp and 380 nm). The consumption of the 518d is in the nefz as well as the 520d at 4.5 l / 100 km. Thus, the 520d is now so economical as the old 520d efficientdynamics edition, which attracts with the facelift. New is also a four-wheel drive version of the 520d at limousine and touring.

The 4,4-liter v8 of the 550i now performs 450 instead of 407 hp and 650 nm. Although the 550i continues to remain at 250 km / h, but the 4.6 seconds show the acceleration from the stand to tempo 100, which forceps here – lively is the 5er, especially with eight-cylinder, with 1905 kilograms (according to eu -norm) no lightweight. The 550i machine has two twin scroll turbocharger and direct injection, but now gets the full-variable valve control valvetronic. The consumption should have fallen in the nefz from 10.4 to 8.6 liters.

No free six more

The engine program for sedan and touring now includes the four gasoline versions 520i, 528i, 535i and 550i, the activehybrid 5 and the six diesel 518d, 520d, 525d, 530d, 535d and m550d. Also as a m5 the new 5er is offered. On the other hand, the 530i remotes – a series socket cylinder without charging is thus also in the story. Two gasoline and three diesel are available for the gt: 535i, 550i and 520d, 530d and 535d.

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