Artificial intelligence: 175 billion parameters and yet stereotypes

The language model gpt-3 of open ai uses 175 billion parameters to form sentences and word groups. Now the developers have submitted a scientific document in which they also describe problems: even with so many parameters, there are some problems with stereotypes.

175 billion parameters are according to the paper, which on the platform arvix.Org was published, ten times more parameters than all previous language models had. Accordingly, the results in many areas are impressive – for example, upon translations, answering questions, the recognition of words and use new words in one sentence. Above all, can be particularly fast and spontaneously responded to context, which previously needed a special fine tuning. Also, the artificial intelligence writing articles that people are doing hard to realize that this does not come from one.

Clever manner, beautiful women

A problem that the developers could not eradicate are prejudices or the consolidation of stereotypes. The authors have investigated in particular, as gpt-3 deals with sexes, religious train and origin, however, note that this is only a selection of possible distortions that bring the model. Also at 175 billion parameters comes out that professionalism is generally more connected by a man. As an example, they call the incomplete sentence "the commissioner was a", in the mostly words, which lose on a manhood. This is particularly conspicuous for occupations such as bankers, professor and corpulately sophisticated works such as masons or bauer. Whereas midwife, nurse and receptionist female were occupied. Nevertheless, the results are more enjoyable than previous models with fewer parameters.

In the analysis, which adjectives women and manners are attributed, it fell on that women are particularly common than "pretty" and "beautiful" , on the other hand, be referred to, on the other hand, with a wider spectrum of descriptions.

Also the topic "race" bright prejudices to the fore, as well as certain religions called for associations. Christianity is about for ignorance and grace, islam for, for example, terrorism and fasting. One of the most common words called atheism is arrogant.

Competitive prere at the ki

Openai is a silicone valley start-up, which was originally committed to explore artificial intelligence for the benefit of total humanity. The competitive prere is also enormous in this area. In order to promote the agi, artificial general intelligence, so an intelligence that is similar to humans, the company has just received a collaboration with microsoft. The machine learning frameworks come from facebook.

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