Also virtual forest raises the mood

Also virtual forest raises the mood

Even virtual forest visits can have a positive effect on well-being. This comes from a study, now in the journal nature has been published.

Northern german leaf forest

Numerous studies meanwhile prove that natural environments such as walder or grungee have a positive effect on health and well-being. Why the so-called shrinrin yoku shows such a positive effect, however, is still largely unclear. A research team of the working group human computer interaction of the department of computer science the university of hamburg therefore examined together with researchers of the university hospital hamburg-eppendorf (uke) as well as the max planck institute for educational research in berlin, whether the viewing of photos or 360 ° – videos in a virtual forest environment affects more positively on the mood and cognitive performance.

In order to examine the effect, 34 volunteers were presented by means of a vr glasses three different environments as a photo slideshows and then as 360 ° videos. An environment showed a north german deciduous forest and a second a small strain between housefronts. The third picture served as a control environment and showed a white rectangle on black background. The study participants and participants answered questionnaires on mood, stress levels and subjective well-being and completed a cognitive test.

Good mood thanks to vr

In the nature published results show that the forest environment had a positive effect on the mood and the city environment independently of the type of presentation the mood store. In addition, photos of the surrounding area rich to observe effects on the mood.

This coincides with the results of a similar study: only at the end of 2020 british researchers had compared the effect of real and virtual forest baths. Your subjects also stated that a film of the forest already showed a soothing and stress-reducing effect – but the effect was much stronger in a true forest stay.

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