Airbus wants to pronounce no values in germany to marz

Airbus wants to pronounce no values in Germany to Marz

The german airbus locations will not pronounce no operational reasons until the end of marz. This is a result of the negotiations between the social partners, shared an airbus spokesman with.

For the airbus staff, however, this intermediate step does not mean complete all-clearing: the aircraft manufacturer continues to expand jobs, over severance payments, partial retirement models, transfer companies and other voluntary regulations. It could come to operational reasons in the coming year, depending on the then achieved staffing and the situation of the industry and the company.

40 percent less deliveries

The collective bargaining between airbus and the ig metal custody takes on; the date of negotiation is to be scheduled for november. Among other things, it is about working time lapse without payout.

Because the orders were broken for new aircraft, airbus wants around 15 worldwide.Remove 000 digits, bothered it so far. Of these, around 3200 jobs were eliminated on northern germany. In addition, more than half of 3,000 temporary workers have already lost their job.

Airbus has reduced the production of a320 machines from 60 to 40 per month. Last september, the company delivered 57 airliners from opposite 71 in the same month of the previous year. In the first nine months, airbus has delivered a total of 341 aircraft according to its own data; every year ago it was up to date 571. Whether the bottom is already reached, many experts are called into question. This depends on the development of aviation and airlines that are difficult to predict. So far, the market environment is slowly recovering than expected. /

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