5G mobile with gigabit performance: now mixes a new fritzbox

5g mobile with gigabit performance: Now mixes a new Fritzbox

With the fritzbox 6850 5g avm introduces its first router for the current mobile radio standard 5g. With the comprehensive frequency band equipment, it is not only suitable for wireless internet access in the dsl-diaspora, but can in principle also record with fast dsl, cable and fiber optic connections – suitable mobile rates and good 5g supply amed.

A fritz box for 5g networks had already announced avm in 2019, but then sweeping back to the plan. Now promises the company "high bandwidths with gigabittempo and low latencies". The fritzbox 6850 5g is therefore particularly suitable "for real-time applications such as virtual reality and gaming as well as for users who are reliable internet connection in home office".

As challenged by the 5g specification, the router brings four mobile antennas, so communicates with the base station per 4 x 4 mimo. If one takes throughput about all frequency bands together, for which the 5g box is suitable, it supplies mobile side up to 1.3 gbit / s. For rural areas, the 700-, 800 mhz-bander are important because network operators mainly use these two to cover gross flats with few users. This will take up avm to ages 5g routers, which has approximately vodafone in the delivery program.

Many 5g-bander

Here is the complete list of the 5g-bander used by the modem in telegram style: n1 (2.1 ghz), n3 (1.8 ghz), n5 (850 mhz), n7 (2.6 ghz), n8 (900 mhz) , n20 (800 mhz), n28 (700 mhz), n38 (2.6 ghz), n40 (2.3 ghz), n41 (2.5 ghz), n78 (3.5 ghz).

For conurbations are particularly important the bander n1, n3, n7, n8, n38, n40 and n78, because only this gigabit speeds are true. Which of the bander occupies a network operator at the respective location, the fritzbox delivers clear digestion with its built-in monitoring tool. You can also use a graphical display like lte-fritzboxen to optimally set up the router in the house.

The mobile radio modem is also suitable for lte and also delivers up to 1 gbit / s in the optimal case. For this purpose, according to the manufacturer, it uses the lte-bander 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 32, 38, 40, 41, 42 and 43. Finally, if required, the modem also sparks in umts operation. In germany, however, the umts technology is advised on the siding. It can be amed that the 5g-fritzbox umts has only therefore on board because avm uses a chipset, which dominates the already unloved method of house for other countries.

Arsenal at communication interfaces

For further equipment, two sma connections for external mobile antennas, wlan with internal antennas according to the ieee specifications 802.11n and 802.11ac (wi-fi 5, max. 1266 mbit / s), four gigabit lan ports, a usb-3.0 port, a telephone system including dect base for up to six phones and smart home applications and a tae connection for an analog phone or fax machine. Avm has donated the 6850 5g so his conventional arsenal at communication interfaces.

With the wlan and lan equipment, the model 6850 5g remains clearly behind the top models of avm, which partly already very fast wi-fi (802.11ax alias wi-fi 6) and multigigabit ethernet bring (2.5 gbit / s gemab nbaset). The price wants to call avm only to market launch, which the company plans in germany during the summer.

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